I'm considering to sell my company

Selling a business is a very difficult decision in the life of an entrepreneur. Saying goodbye to something one sees as his life's work is not an emotionally easy decision. Moreover, many financial, accountancy, tax, legal, socio-legal and technical aspects will determine the eventual outcome for the seller.

When considering the sale of a business, there are potentially a wide variety of transaction options. These options must be understood and evaluated by the CEO, owner, and/or board. Understanding these options and the decisions they lead are the most strategic decisions a company will ever make when it comes to realizing value. Acqtion has built extensive experience and know-how in mediating in the sale of small and medium-sized businesses since starting in 1998 . The majority of our mediation mandates consists of sale mandates.

I'm looking to acquire a company

Due to increasing demand from the market, Acqtion started in 2001 with a service for entrepreneurs who are looking to acquire a business. Often this means extending or adding on to their existing business.

Our clients in this segment have become increasingly larger companies, and we curently have a large number of purchase mandates. This ever-growing list of serious candidate buyers characterizes the evolution of ACQTION.

Advice and guidance on acquisitions

If you already envisioned a well-defined path as a buyer or seller, we can assist you with those aspects of the acquisition process that you do not want to do, or can not do. Our Acquisition Consultancy can be tailored to fit your every need.

Whichever option you choose, in ACQTION you will find a business partner who will deal with you in honesty and integrety. Our motto is and remains: No deal above a bad deal ...