Acquisition Consultancy

  • You have a company in mind that you want to acquire?
  • You are a candidate for a MBI or MBO?
  • You have a potential buyer and would like to prepare your business to be sold?
  • You need help with specific areas in the acquisition process which are new or unfamiliar to you?
  • You need specific support to help you make an informed decision?

Tailor-made solutions for candidate buyers and potential sellers

We happily support entrepeneurs with advice on specific areas of the acquisition process. Our aim is to lower the treshold as much as possible, and ultimately even make it possible for individuals to realize their acquisition intentions without running in to extreme consultancy costs.

We can assist...

  • in the preparation of a well-founded valuation or valuation assessment
  • in the preparation of a financial plan or business plan, including the repayment cycle
  • in the preparation and review of a post acquisition plan
  • in the contractual negotiations
  • in preparing and submitting funding applications to banks or alternative investors

Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.