M&A and Financial Advice

ACQTION is an independently operating specialist in mergers and acquisitions, and financial advice. With over a decade worth of expertise in M&A, we've realised over a hundred acquisitions. We've successfully negotiated deals in Belgium, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands and the United States. The transaction values were mostly between 1 to 15 million Euro's.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Buying a company or selling a company is a complex process with many different phases which have to fit seamlessly.

For clients who do not need an all encompassing solution, we now offer tailor-made acquisition consultancy to fit your every need.

Financial advice

Financial advice

Acqtion is the ideal partner if you are looking to write a detailed and accurate business plan. We have built a strong reputation in budgeting and valuations. And will happily assist you with financial advice questions.

M&A Portfolio

Below you can find the 3 most recently added company profiles in our portfolio. If you are looking for a specific profile, then please consult our full M&A portfolio.

Ref. Activity description Region Country Revenue Type Status Contact
ACQ 318Koeriersbedrijf en logistieke dienstverlening – B2B – nichespeler – focus op leveringen tot MTM 3,5 ton - goed opgeleid personeel – rendabel bedrijfVlaanderenBelgië2,5 tot 5,0 mio EURVerkoopmandaatContact
ACQ 314Ambachtelijke stoffeerder / garnierder - B2B en B2C – rendabele ondernemingVlaanderenBelgië1 tot 2,5 mio EuroVerkoopmandaatVerkochtContact
ACQ 312Handel in en specifieke dienstverlening inzake gepersonaliseerd (bedrijfs)textiel, benodigdheden en aanverwanten. Niche activiteit. Groeiende en rendabele onderneming.BelgiëBelgië1 tot 2,5 mio EuroVerkoopmandaatVerkochtContact